Welcome to Cooking Finding. I’m Kite, a passionate home chef. When I started my cooking journey, I faced different problems particularly with different cookware, appliances, and tools etc.

Standing in front of different cookware and cooking utensils at a department store and looking at them, I felt overwhelmed by their variety of choices. All-clad?  Le Creuset? Teflon? Aluminum? Nonstick? Stainless steel?

That’s why I set up this website. I know how challenging the cooking can be without the right tools.

Before buying anything, I love to search the internet, learn more about them and make the decision.

Here, I’ll share my reviews and tips to address the challenges. Hopefully readers who have similar issues can find this website helpful and choose the right tools for your kitchen.

If you have any suggestions to make this site better, I’d love to hear them! Visit Contact Us page to leave a message.